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Overview IP Telephony Desktop Fax

TelXpress brings a fresh, easy to understand and configure telephony system that enables its customers with the full power of IP telephony. The TelXpress scales from 8 to a 1000 users, offers countless call features such as conference, voicemail, fax-to-mail, shared-line, DISA and callback. It also offers IT itegration features like group based policies, unified messaging, CTI, CRM integration and programming interfaces.

With the TelXpress system you can:
  • Create a fully featured PBX system for offices and organizations
  • Record phone calls, archive, search and retrive
  • Create a sophisticated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system able to integrate with information systems
  • Create telephony interaction with computers using Quality Bytes NetMSG (Instant Messaging and Presence)
  • Receive faxes to e-mail ("Fax2mail") and send faxes from desktops, IT systems and mail ("Mail2Fax") system including Microsoft Exchange
  • Create a multi-site configuration using multiple PBX systems or by installing phones on remote sites
  • Conduct video calls over IP


Latest News
14/05/09 18:11  -Quality Bytes Announces TelXpress IP Telephony System