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ServerXpress - Quality Bytes
Enterprise Gateway Security Appliance

Quality Bytes Server Express is a hardware appliance that provides a multiple-application security solution platform. Installed at the gateway, the Server Express can handle Firewalling, Bandwidth Management, VPN, URL Blocking, Proxy Caching Mail Relaying, Real-Time Monitoring. The Server Express platform allows the integration of active content filtering, virus and spam scanning, and other 3rd party applications. Today's ever-changing business demands require a multiple-application system. This capability, enabled through the rhobust Server Express OS, allows the end-user to upgrade the core system and add new features to it.

Key Points
  • Full SPI Firewall
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Application Layer (Layer-7) Support
  • Proxy Server with URL Blocking
  • Mail Relay
  • VPN
  • Real-Time Netowork Monitor
  • Easy to Use

Latest News
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04/05/06 12:23  -The Holmes Place chain has assimilated the data protection system developed by the Israeli Quality Bytes Company
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