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Quality Bytes Announces TelXpress IP Telephony System
2009-05-14 18:11

Quality Bytes Software LTD has released a first version of its 100% Pure-IP PBX system product. The product is titled TelXpress (consistently with the successful ServerXpress and MailXpress products). With the new TelXpres product, Quality Bytes now offers a complete communications suite, including Internet Security with the ServerXpress and MailXpress products, Faxing with QBFax and IP Telephony with TelXpress.

TelXpress brings a fresh, easy to understand and configure telephony system that enables its customers with the full power of IP telephony. The TelXpress scales from 8 to a 1000 users, offers countless call features such as conference, voicemail, fax-to-mail, shared-line, DISA and callback. It also offers IT itegration features like group based policies, unified messaging, CTI, CRM integration  and programming interfaces.

Bundling the products creates interesting possibilities:
* Branch office PBX securely connected to the internet with ServerXpress technologies, tunnels IPSEC to the main office and connects as a trunk to the PBX on the main office.
* Fax-to-Mail (Fax2Mail) and Mail-to-Fax(Mail2Fax) and a thorough fax system when combined with QBFax.
* QBFax receives and transmits faxes using PBX channels (and without using fax interfaces or modems).
* Physical security with telephone-based authentication (with the proximity to the phone proving the location of the user).

The product is ready to be shipped. For questions please refer to the contact information page.