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Cryoserver - Email Archiving System
General Architecture Security Administartion Modules

Cryoserver provides solutions to the problems facing the vast majority of organizations, resulting from the storage system efficiency, conservation and management use of email and satisfy the needs of both business and legal (regulatory). E-Discovery requirements require appropriate audit trails that will stand up in courts. Cryoserver is a fully scalable carrier grade and leading solution suitable for organizations of any type, size and complexity from small and medium sized companies (SMB / SME) to the internet providers

Business Needs
Although the need to archive email was motivated primarily by legislative requirements and standardization, the use of email in business today as increased to around 90%, and organizations are now seeing the advantage of email archive as a management tool.

  • Forensically prove emails have not been tampered with.
  • Ultra-fast advanced search capabilities including proximity keywords and sounds like to:
    • Ensure compliance with corporate email usage and legislation
    • Protect company's intellectual property (IP).
    • Quickly and accurately determine what email transactions and conversations have been made with customers and other third parties
  • Elimination of expensive and time consuming backup and DR.
  • Reduction in storage and improves through:
    • Single instance storage
    • Compression
    • Stubbing
    • Support for any type of email server
    • Outlook integration
Key Issues
  • 90% of business decisions, commitments and financial documents are transferred via email
  • Companies by law are required to keep emails for substantial periods
  • Emails being used as evidence in courts and tribunals in:
    • Disciplinary Proceedings
    • Harassment and discrimination cases
    • Criminal penalties for shredding emails
    • Tracing corporate data leakage
Regularity Needs
Organizations face an ever growing set of regulations that have a direct impact on the use, management and control of emails. Regulations may be Industry specific or generic such as with the Data Protection and Human Rights Acts, in both cost effective email storage and management is an effective way of protecting the interests of a business by reducing exposure to spurious claims or in supporting one's own case. Audit trails are essential for meeting the needs of data protection by law and especially the second level authority to maintain the activities of the data manager / controller.
Cryoserver implements three levels of users to ensure compliance plus the system administrator who has no access to emails
  • Email user (employee).
  • Privileged User (data) manager who sets policies and watches over the email users.
  • Data Guardian who watches over and can replay the activities of the Privileged User.
  • Cryoserver system is a forensic email compliance solution for email security and storage management, Cryoserver designed to be intuitive and easy to use by managers and employees.
  • Cryoserver eliminates the need for email backup, DR and quotas while providing unprecedented compliance & lifecycle management.
  • Simple to use, installed in minutes, providing email protection forever.
  • Cryoserver accepts email messages, either by network interception or more typically using journaling, POP or IMAP collector, from any messaging platforms including Microsoft Exchange, Domino, Novell GroupWise, Sun Java Enterprise System (JES), Scalix, Fujitsu Teamware and others.
  • Cryoserver takes a real-time copy of each message for storage and indexing. A powerful search engine is provided that can query large volumes of archived data by content, including any attachments and metadata.
Key User Features
  • Searching: Simple search on content and metadata plus sophisticated searching utilizing stemming, sound-alike and proximity. Results are ranked according to relevance that satisfy user's search criteria. Dynamic links are provided directly to summarized email (and attachments).
  • Email recovery: Retrieval of messages by individual users with the 'forward to inbox' facility or converted to PDF format for printing. Privilege users are able to bulk export the results of searches.
  • Secure access: The front-end is delivered seamlessly through Outlook or over HTTPS and users are authenticated against Active Directory.
  • Remote access: Remote access to the archive through any appropriate browser system (subject to security constraints) or direct from Outlook.
  • Credibility: As Cryoserver retains a copy of messages and their associated metadata, in real time, messages retrieved demonstrate a full chain of communications are more credible than data retrieved from servers or back-up tapes (which may not show a full record).


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