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Corporate Fax
Application Integration

Corporate faxing comes in many variations. One can argue that desktop and mail server connectivity is all that a fax setup requires. QBFax proves otherwise - the desktop is just a start.
Being connected to a corporate fax means being able to interact with your applications, including the CRM, ERP or other tailor-made applications. For that purpose, QBFax has extensive document/API connectivity allowing flexible, straight-forward integration with existing application with minimal programming.
  • XML Multiple Document Interface
  • HTML Documents
  • Text Documents
  • SMTP Submitting a.k.a. Mail-To-Fax
  • Propriety QBIPC API
  • Registry API
  • INI File API
Using QBFax our customers have successfully integrated fax capabilities with SAP, Matrix E-Tafnit, Eshbel, UMS Follow-Up, and others.


QBFax has an adaptable fax interface for SAP. Faxing is supported through the SMTP gateway using a specifically developed SAP importer interface. QBFax also associates the SAP user with the fax user and reports the outcome of the fax as if it was submitted from the desktop.


QBFax integrates with e-Tafnit in a way that makes it possible to virtually any report. Both character-based Tafnit and e-Tafnit are supported.
Aside from being integrated to the reporting engine, the application can also send mass-faxing(or mailing) or fully automated faxing using custom reports.

U.M.S Follow-Up CRM

Interoperability with U.M.S. Follow-Up CRM enables users to submit faxing lists and individual faxes directly from the application. Using the customer's registered fax number, users are able to fax quotes without having to specify the fax number. Mass faxing lists can be submitted directly from queries using the fax/mail merge utility.

BrookTrout Hardware Support

QBFax supports the high-end BrookTrout fax boards. Using these fax boards, QBFax can achieve fast, error-corrected and rhobust faxing capabilities in addition to enterprise requirements:
  • DID (Direct Inwards Dialing) and personal fax extensions
  • ISDN BRI and PRI active call management
  • ECM (Error Correction Mode) on supporting boards